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The town’s attractive Moorish quarter (Barrio Arabe) is well-preserved with its steep and narrow streets and numerous fountains. There are several notable buildings all clearly labelled, such as the House of the Inquisition, The Deposit House, the Queen’s Hospital started in 1485 with its typical indoor Andalusian patio, not to mention the Church of the Incarnation which dominates the whole town.


This whitewashed village has been known since Moorish times for its beauty and natural thermal waters which can reach 47°C, although the thermal spa has been in use since Roman times. The name of the town is derived from “al-hamma” which means “hot spring” in Arabic.


For the perfect get-away holiday stay at Casa Azul, a rental cottage situated in the Moorish Quarter, close to the gorge.


“We first stumbled across this gorgeous town one sunny afternoon four years ago. We liked it so much we bought a house there.......”
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Alhama baths
Plaza de los Presos
Incarnation Church by night
Incarnation Church by day
Archway to Plaza de los Presos
House of the Inquisition